Mind the Gaps and Strengthen the Team - Teaming Agreements, Joint Ventures and Mentor-Protégé Relationships Webinar


Course Presenters: Marty Ray,VP of Strategy & Planning, ZAPATA

Course Length: 1.5 Hours

Course Credit Hours:  1.5 PDHs

Course Overview:

This webinar provides an overview of strategies to build successful teams to win Department of Defense (DOD) contracts in today’s competitive environment.

For the past decade, DOD has made significant changes in the way it procures goods and services. Many of these changes have resulted in contract requirements that are more complex: larger in scope, size, dollar amount and often geographically dispersed. Although this has helped the government cope with the reduction in the acquisition workforce through fewer contracts, it has generated requirements that are out of the reach of many small business concerns. In response to these changes, contractors are frequently forming “Teams” in their quest to satisfy government requirements and present a “Best Value” solution to the procuring agency. This session will focus on ways businesses can build successful teams to strengthen their proposals and resulting work.

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